Boucler Moisturizing Curl Cream
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Boucler Moisturizing Curl Cream

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This lightweight, paraben free, dreamy curl cream helps you work your unique natural texture without damage.

Your beautiful curly hair requires extra moisture.  Its structure prevents natural lubricant produced at the scalp from being distributed all the way from root to tip.  Boucler has been especially formulated to moisturize every curly strand, and includes oils that work most like your scalp's natural lubricant.  Boucler is also infused with soy and shea butter to cradle your curls luxuriously.

To Use: Cleanse, condition and detangle hair.  While hair is still wet, apply Boucler liberally throughout hair.  (Example for medium length hair: Divide hair in to four sections.  Apply approximately a quarter size amount to each section.  Use more for thick and/or long hair.  Use less for fine, short and/or thin hair).  Set hair for drying (2-strand twists, flat twists, cornrows, plaits, roller sets, straw sets, Afro  styles) or style hair with fingers.  Dry hair completely before completing the style.